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Interval Campaigns - What Are They?
Interval Campaigns - What Are They?
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An "Interval Campaign" is an automatic campaign that allows you to send a different gift for each anniversary.

For example, you can send ascending gift amounts for every work anniversary with different designs and greetings. You can also schedule your gift by the day to automatically send out a welcome package after each new hire's first week.

How can I use an Interval Campaign?

  • Interval work anniversaries

  • Work from home gifts for new employees

  • Cup of coffee after a few days of training

  • Loyalty bonuses

You can set any interval according to this table:



Every year

The same gift will be sent to the employees every year.


The gift will be sent to the employees on a specific work anniversary.

For example - If you're choosing "5" - the gift will be sent on the fifth work anniversary.

Number of days

Send the gift after X days from the employee's start date.


Send the same gift every year from year X to year Y.

Every Year:


Number of Days:


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