1. Go to the "Campaigns" Tab.

2. Click on the "Add Campaign" button.

3. Select the "Work Anniversary" campaign.

4. Fill in the Send date.

5. Choose your design.

6. Customize Your Greeting.

7. Click on "Add Interval", and choose the interval according to this table:



Every year

The gift will be sent to the employees every year.


The gift will be sent to the employees on a specific work anniversary.

For example - If you're choosing "5" - the gift will be sent on the fifth work anniversary.

Number of days

Send the gift after X days from the employee's start date.


Send the gift every year from year X to year Y.

For further information about Interval Campaigns:

8. Hit "Save".

9. Click on the "Add Country" button and choose the country, the amount, and the employment type, for the interval you entered.

10. Hit Save.

Please note:

You can add as many intervals or countries as you want.

11. Click on the "Summary" button. You can edit the campaign if needed.

12. You can click on the "Preview Gift" to receive a preview to your email and phone number.

13. Click on "Looks Good!".

The Interval Work Anniversary Campaign is now live!

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