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How to Create Your Own Campaign?

Setting up your own campaign allows you to quickly send a customized template to countries worldwide!

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1. Go to the "Campaigns" Tab.

2. Click on the "Add Campaign" button.

3. Click on "Create My Own".

4. Fill in the Start date, and set up the Sending Frequency.

5. Choose your Design.

6. Customize your Greeting.

7. Fill in the countries list, the gift amount, and the employment status of the gift recipients.

Please note:

You need to enter the gift amount according to the gift currency available in each country.

8. Click on the "Summary" button. You can edit the campaign if needed.

9. You can click on the "Preview Gift" to receive a preview to your email and phone number.

10. Click on "Looks Good!"

The campaign is now live!

Please note:

The list of employees is pulled from the "People" tab according to their Country and Employment Type. If you didn't upload your recipients to the "People" tab, you could do it now: Adding People.

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