To keep your gift card secure, we have launched a verification process before receiving the gift card number. It should protect your gift from unauthorized access.

  1. Access your gift card link.

  2. Click on the Get Card Number button:

Please note:

By clicking this button, you'll receive a unique verification code at your email, phone number, or both.

It may take a minute or two to receive the secret code.

If you didn't get the code to your email, Don't worry! Check your spam folder.

3. You'll need to copy the verification code from your email/phone and fill this field in:

4. Click on Check Code.

5. If you fill in the correct verification code, you will receive the gift card number.

Please note:

In specific gift card brands, you will be transferred to the gift card registration page.

If you couldn't complete any of the steps mentioned above, please send us a screenshot of the page to [email protected]

Please ensure that you're hiding personal information, such as your gift card number or pin code. We won't need that.

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