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How to Change the Sender's Name?
How to Change the Sender's Name?
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Sometimes you might need to update who your emails are sent from to make your gift even more personalized. This article will discuss how to change the sender name for existing and new templates and Campaigns.

Send a Gift tab:

First, go to the Send a Gift tab. You can access either existing templates or create a new one from there.

For New Templates:

When creating a new template, please follow the instructions found in this article. You can modify the sender's name when you arrive at the "Email and Text" section.

For Existing Templates:

On the Send a Gift tab, choose the required template. You will find an option to change the sender's name at the top of the page. After editing the template, the gift will be sent with the updated sender's name.

For Camapaigns:

First, go to the Campaigns tab. From there, you can access either existing campaigns or create a new one.

For New Campaigns:

When creating a new campaign, arrive at the "Customize Your Greeting" section. You will be able to modify the sender's name:

For Existing Campaigns:

On the Campaigns tab, click on the Edit Campaign button. Go to the Country & Value section, and hit the cogwheel icon. In the Greeting section, you'll be able to modify the sender's name:

Please note:

This process must be completed for every country in your campaign.

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