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Introduction to Custom Campaigns
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Choose a Template

Choose a Template allows you to create a new campaign based on the suggestion of our Gifted experts. These templates include two different options, Upcoming Gifting and Suggested Gifting.

Upcoming gifting offers events that happen on a specific day each year, such as Holidays and special events. Allowing you to create a plan for any gifting occasions in the year ahead.

Suggested gifting offers weekly, monthly, or yearly potential gifting occasions such as Monthly Mental Health or Weekly Lunch. Allowing you to create fully customized repeatable gifting occasions based on your individual needs.

Create Your Own

Create Your Own allows you to build and design a new automated gifting campaign from the ground up. Choose the name, greeting, and brands offered in the gift, and then decide how often the gift will repeat.

Design a coffee gift that gets delivered every Monday and Friday, or offer a team-building dinner gift every month on the 15th. The possibilities are endless!

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