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New at Gifted ✨
New at Gifted ✨

Check out what's new and be sure to take advantage of our new features!

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May 2024:

  • GIfting Assistant - Are you unsure about the best way to send your gift? Try our automatic gifting assistant in the chat widget.

March 2024:

February 2024:

  • Advanced Gift Card Search - Catalog - Now you can find gift cards based on specific details, not just names. Simply type in your desired category and filter by country to discover relevant options.

January 2024:

December 2023:

  • Enhance Your Campaigns with Physical Gifts - Elevate your campaigns by incorporating physical gift options, whether it's for birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, or even custom occasions of your choice.

  • Tailor Gift Categories to Every Occasion - Take control of your gift selection process by accessing the Organize Gifts feature. Choose specific gift categories that align with different occasions, ensuring a personalized and memorable touch for each recipient.

  • Effortless Balance Updates - Easily export the latest balance information for all users on your account. If you've set budget limitations on the Users tab, streamline the process with a single click to obtain a comprehensive list of current balances for each user.

November 2023:

  • Batch Resending Gifts - Budget ran low and missed a couple of gifts? Now, you can send them all with just one click through the campaign tab.

October 2023:

September 2023:

  • Physical Giftes (US) - The best physical gifting catalog from our carefully curated merchants, supporting local businesses and the local community.

August 2023:

  • The New Sidebar - Our new sidebar allows you to access all tabs within the system with just one click.

  • Improved Excel Uploading Process - With the new Excel uploading process, you can update your existing People tab without having to delete the current list.

July 2023:

June 2023:

  • Our epic gift card catalog - We've got thousands of international brands to build your dream gift. Browse our online catalog and check out our supported countries:

May 2023:

  • Budget Profiles - Budget Profiles allow you to organize your account balance into specific templates or campaigns.

April 2023:

  • New Website - a more engaging and dynamic experience showcasing our products and services and communicating our values and mission.

March 2023:

  • Budget Approvals - The Budget Approvals feature includes functionality for setting budget limits, defining approval workflows, and providing a centralized interface for reviewing and managing budget requests.

  • Gift Approvals - Adds an approval step to sending gifts through the Gifted platform. It allows users to submit gift requests for review and approval by designated individuals or teams before the gifts are dispatched.

  • Gift cancelation - You can cancel any unclaimed gift within two years of the sending date, and 75% of the value will be added back to your account.

  • ISO 27001:2013 - At Gifted, your security is our top priority. We are officially ISO 27001:2013 certified.

February 2023:

  • New Dashboard - The new dashboard includes enhanced visualizations, intuitive navigation, and customizable widgets such as Gifting Suggestions, Upcoming Campaign & Timed Manual Gifts View, A Rebuilt “My Campaigns” View, and much more!

  • Swag in Budget link - Recipients have more options than ever – they can choose something from our expansive electronic gift card selection or select one of your beautifully designed custom swag items seamlessly.

  • Family members - Allows you to add information about family members and send them gifts from the Campaigns tab.

January 2023:

  • Internal chat with our support team from your Gifted account - allows users of the Gifted platform to engage in real-time chat conversations with the support team.

  • Export Upcoming Gifts from the Dashboard - allows users to export a list of upcoming gifts from the Gifted platform.

2022 Highlights:

  • Create Your Own Campaign - Create a customizable recurring campaign for every occasion you want to celebrate with your employees.

  • New Users tab - The new tab allows account owners to add, edit, or remove user accounts, assign roles and access levels, and customize user settings.

  • Account Switch - allows users with multiple accounts or profiles within the Gifted platform to easily switch between them without the need to log out and log back in.

  • Two Factor-Authentication - The ability to enable two-factor authentication on your account means you are protected by multiple layers of account security.

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