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Enabling Two Factor Authentication
Enabling Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is a type of authentication that requires two different verification methods to access your platform.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for user accounts. It requires users to authenticate using two types of identity verification methods, such as a password and a code sent to their mobile devices or email address. Enabling two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to protect your users from malicious activity.

Here’s how to enable two-factor authentication on your account:

1. From the Dashboard, select the Users tab.

2. Click the "i" icon next to the user's name whose permissions you want to modify.

3. Activate the Two Factor Authentication button.

4. Add the User's Mobile.

5. Hit Save.

Once two-factor authentication is enabled, the user will be required to enter a code sent to their mobile device in order to log in. This provides you with an extra layer of security should an unauthorized user try to access any of your accounts.

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