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How to Use Budget Profiles to Manage the Budget in Your Account?
How to Use Budget Profiles to Manage the Budget in Your Account?

Budget Profiles allow you to organize your account balance into specific templates or campaigns.

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Let's take your budgeting to the next level. If you want to manage your account balance better, you can use the new Budget Profiles features to split your balance into multiple sub-profiles.

The Budget Profiles allow you to organize your account balance into specific uses and help you better understand the funds available for each area.

Creating a New Budget Profile:

To get started, click the Budget tab and click Budget Profiles.

Once there, you can click the "Add Budget Profile" button in the top right to start the process.

Next, enter a name for your budget profile and select the templates or campaigns you want to be associated with it.

Once you enter all the details, click the "Save" button to create your budget profile.

Funding Your Budget Profile:

After you have created your budget profile, you need to fund it.

To do this, go to the Budget Profiles page (Budget tab -> Budget Profiles) and click on the "Move Funds" button.

Next, choose the budget profile from which you want to transfer funds and specify the transfer destination. Then, enter the amount you want to move and click "Yes, Please Transfer" to finalize the action.

Setting Budget Alerts & Auto Load Funds on a Specific Budget Profile:

Do you want to set a Budget alert or Auto Load Funds to a specific budget profile? You can easily do that! Just follow these steps.

Setting up a Budget Alert:

To set up a Budget Alert, just go to the Budget tab. Then hit "Add Budget Alert" and fill in the Budget alert name. Next, select the Budget Profile, and enter the alert amount.

You can relax knowing we'll send you an email notification when your budget hits a certain level. That way, you can feel sure that you won't miss out on any surprise treats.

Setting up Auto Load Funds:

To add Auto Load Funds, click the "Auto load funds" toggle. Then enter the auto-load fund's amount, and select the payment method. Lastly, enter the recipient's email for the budget alert and auto load funds, and hit "Save".

Please note:

When you activate auto-load funds, a transaction will be initiated every time your Budget Profile balance reaches a certain amount.

You can delete the auto-load funds anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add more than one budget profile?

Yes, you can add multiple budget profiles and manage them from one page.

Can I transfer funds between budget profiles?

Yes, you can transfer funds quickly between budget profiles using the "Move Funds" button.

What happens if the budget runs out of money?

If insufficient funds are on the budget profile, and you wish to send a gift, the system will try to pull the funds from the General Budget. If there aren't sufficient funds in the General Budget, you won't be able to send the gift.

Who can manage the Budget Profiles?

By default, admins can manage the budget profiles. If you wish other roles could control the budget profiles, go to the Users tab -> Manage Roles -> Select the role -> Budget -> Activate "Budget Profiles".

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