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Activating Gift Approvals
Activating Gift Approvals

Gift approvals help you control who is sending out gifts and review them before they are sent.

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Here are the steps to enable gift approvals:

1. Go to the Users tab
To begin setting up gift approvals, go to the Users tab. Here, you will find all users with access to the system.

2. Click on Manage roles
Next, click "Manage Roles" from the Users tab to set up and assign roles or privilege levels to control the gifts sent from your platform.

3. Create a Role or pick the existing one
You need to select the role that you want to activate for the gift approvals by clicking on the pencil icon. If you don't already have a role for that, you can create a new one by assigning relevant privileges and permissions.

4. Enable the Approval required permission in the Send a Gift block
Enabling this permission will ensure that all gifts require approval before they are sent.

5. Choose the approval manager and the minimum gift value for approvals
The approval manager is the person who will be responsible for approving all gifts sent. You can choose an existing user as the approval manager.

The minimum gift value for approval will be the lowest value a gift must have to be approved. This value can range from $1 to any value you require.

6. Save it and control all gifts sent from your HR System
After completing the steps above, you can save the settings and manage all gift sending in your HR system.

From now on, all gift send requests for the role you determined must be approved by the administrator.

Please note:

Gift approvals work for the Send a Gift tab only.

To prevent users from sending gifts without approval on the platform, you'll need to turn off the option to send gifts through the Campaigns for the relevant role.

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