For companies of any size, managing a budget requires some level of control over who can make what types of transactions. Activating budget approvals is the best practice for companies to ensure that all funds loading are tracked and approved by responsible individuals.

Here are the steps to enable budget approval:

1. Go to the Users tab
This is the first step of activating budget approval. In the Users tab, you will see all the users with access to the system.

2. Click on Manage roles
You can click "Manage Roles" from the Users tab to set up and assign roles or privilege levels to control financial access.

3. Create a Role or pick the existing one
If you already have a role for budget approvals, you can select it and continue to the next step. If not, you can create a new position by assigning relevant privileges and permissions to the role.

4. Enable the Approval required permission in the Budget block
This permission will ensure that all load funds demands require approval before being finalized.

5. Choose the approval manager
The approval manager is the person who will be responsible for approving all load funds. Here, you can choose an existing user.

6. Save it and control all transactions in your HR System
When all the steps are done, you can save the settings and manage all funds loading in your HR System.

Starting now, all budget loading from your account must receive admin approval before the funds are loaded.

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