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How to Add Physical Gifts and Swag to Your Gift Links
How to Add Physical Gifts and Swag to Your Gift Links

Adding Physical Gifts and Swag to a gift is easy and can make your gift even more special.

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If you wish to add custom swag with your company's logo, start here.

If you want to send physical gifts only to your gift links, start from step 2:

Step 1: Set up the Swag Store

If you don't already have a swag store set up, you must do this first. To set up your swag store, upload a logo to the swag tab in your Gifted account. It may take around three business days to set up your swag store.

Step 2: Go to the Multiple Choice Gift tab

Once your swag store is set up for your account, head to the Multiple Choice Gift tab. This is where you will create the template to send to your recipients.

You can also add Swag and Physical Gifts to your Campaigns!

  • To do that, go to the relevant campaign and click Edit Campaign -> Country & Value -> Hit the cogwheel icon next to each country -> On the Gifts section, choose the Swag or Physical Gifts option.

Step 3: Create a new template

On the Multiple Choice tab, click the To Send a Gift - Start Here.

Step 4: Choose the "Gift a Single Country" and set the template's country

Once you choose "Gift a Single Country", you need to select the specified country of your recipients.

Please note:

Swag can be shipped internationally, but physical gifts are only available for shipping within the United States.

After you choose the country, set the gift amount and decide whether you want to show the gift value to your recipients.

Once you add the value of the gift to your gifts, the recipients can select the number of gifts they want until the total value reaches the gift amount.

How does it appear to the person receiving it?

If you choose to hide the gift amount, recipients can only select one gift. Any leftover balance will be returned to your account balance.

How does it appear to the person receiving it?

Please note:

If you choose to hide the gift amount - you won't be able to send gift cards to your recipients.

Step 5: Click on "Next" and edit your gift link

You can keep editing your gift link by clicking on the Next button.

On the Gift section, you can remove, add, or organize the swag or physical gifts order.

Step 6: Continue to set up the template

Once you have the Swag for your gift, continue setting up your template. Once you are satisfied with the way everything looks, you can save it or send it to the recipients.

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