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Spouse Gifting - How to Add Family Members to Gifted
Spouse Gifting - How to Add Family Members to Gifted

A short article on how to take advantage of our Spouse Gifting feature.

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We believe that appreciation is meant to be shared, and that is why we introduced Spouse Gifting. This feature allows you to add family members, and other important people in your team member's life, as well as create custom recognition options for them.

How do I add Family Members?

1. Go to the People tab in your account.

2. Find the relevant recipient and edit their information using the pencil icon.

3. Select Family Members at the top of the report.

4. Add the respective family member, making sure to enter their information.

5. Hit Save!

And that's it! You've successfully added a family member to your employee listing! Now, the next step would be to add them to the Campaigns on your account!

How do I add Family Members to a Campaign?

1. Go to the Campaign tab in your account.

2. Select Edit Campaign on the relevant campaign.

3. Navigate to Country and Value from the top of the page.

4. Select + Add Country.

5. Enter the relevant information and select the correct family member Audience.

6. Hit Save next to the information to save this new gift.

7. Hit Save once more at the bottom of the screen to save the entire campaign.

Congratulations, you have now added those family members to your Campaigns!

Who can I add to the system?

In addition to Spouses, you can also add Children, Siblings, Parents, and even Pets to your employee's profile.

Does it cost anything extra to add Family Members?

No, you can have as many family members as you like at no extra cost!

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