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Getting Started with Gifted
Getting Started with Gifted
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1. Platform Overview

The platform consists of eight tabs. Click on the tab names below for detailed video tutorials.

1. Dashboard - At-a-glance view of your gifting program

2. Send a Gift - Multiple Choice Gift - Create gift templates

3. Campaigns - Create recurring gifting campaigns (Birthdays and work anniversaries)

3. Users - Invite users to your gifting dashboard

4. People - Manage your employees

5. Swag - Set up your swag store

6. Physical Gifts - Send physical gifts to your employees

7. Reports - Track all your gifts

8. Budget - Insight into your account balance

9. Integrations - Set up an integration to your HRIS platform

10. Settings - Upload your logo and access your API key

2. How to Send a Gift

Click on the "Send a Gift" tab. Then create your template and save it as a template/ send it right away/ time the gifts.

Please Note:

You can fund the account before sending out the gifts, so you won't pay separately for each gift you send. It means that you will receive just one receipt that way - Most of our clients prefer this option.

3. FAQ

What it's like for the recipient?

Recipients receive an email, text message (or both) delivering the good news that they've been gifted! They don't need to have any credentials to access the gift.

All gifts include your company's logo, custom design, personal message, and a link prompting them to select an e-gift card or swag item(US-Only) they want.

Is it really free?

Yes, we know that things that seem too good to be true usually are. Gifted is an exception.

- We offer two completely free funding methods: ACH transfers (recommended) and wire transfers. Credit card transactions have a 3% processing fee. It is a back-to-back transaction that we don't make money from.

- You can load funds to Gifted only in USD, so to ensure enough funds to cover gifts sent in non-USD currencies, we charge an extra 5% to account for any currency fluctuations.

Can I send gifts to recipients outside the US?

Yes! We have some fantastic gifting content around the world. Add a new template from the "Send a Gift" tab to view all the available gifts in a specific country. Swag options are only available for delivery in the US.

What gift options do you offer?

Recipients can choose from a wide selection of gift cards, or they can also select an item from your custom-branded swag catalog(US-Only).

Can I invite more users to my account?

Of course, and it's completely free! You can add new users from the "Users" tab.

Contact Us

Our onboarding team would be happy to help you get started - Email us at [email protected]

You can also find more information in this help center.

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