Auto Load Funds

Never run out of funds again with the auto-load funding feature!

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  1. Click on Budget from the left hand side of your home screen.

  2. At the top of the screen, press the Actions button followed by Budget Alerts.

  3. Click Add Budget Alert.

  4. Select between Total Budget or Specific Activity from the Set Alert For drop down and enter the Alert Amount.

A note about budget alerts:

A budget alert that isn't tied to the auto-load funding feature will result in an automated email being sent to notify you that your budget has dipped below the threshold you set. If the auto-load feature is connected to a budget alert then instead of a low budget notification, you will receive confirmation that the funds have been successfully reloaded to your account.

5. If you would like the system to auto-load funds for you according to the budget alert you specified above, enter an Auto-Load Amount and select the Payment Method.

A note about payment method
If you don't see the method of payment you wish to use then you must first add it by clicking on Budget --> Actions --> Load Funds followed either by Add A Credit Card or Add ACH Information.

6. Add the email of the recipient who will be receiving the budget alert emails and/or the auto-load funds email by clicking + Add Recipient.
7. Press Save.
8. Repeat the process if you want to add additional budget alerts.

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