How To Fix Your Rippling Sync If Employees Are Not Appearing
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If you have set up your Rippling sync but your employees are still not appearing on Gifted, please give this short video a watch to make the necessary adjustments. Below the video you will find step by step instructions for fixing the Rippling sync.

1. Log in to your Rippling Dashboard and open up the Gifted App.

2. Open up the Access Rules tab from the upper left.

3. Select Edit to manage the import settings for employees.

4. Decide if you would like to Manually or Automatically import employees to Gifted.

To Automatically Import All Employees

1. To Automatically import all your employees, select either of the top two options.

2. Hit Save.

To Have Your Employees Manually Imported

1. To have your employees Manually imported, select either of the bottom two options.

2. Hit Save.

3. Return to the Overview tab

4. Select Grant Access on all employees you would like to import to Gifted.

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