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Set up the integration via Service Users:

  1. On your Hibob account, go to Settings:

  2. Under the Account tab, go to Integrations:

  3. Click on the Connect next to the chain button on the Service Users:

    Please note that the Service users integration is already connected in the screenshot above.

  4. After connecting the Service Users click on Manage:

  5. Click on New Service User:

  6. Choose the Service User name and Display name, and hit Next:

    You can choose any name for the Service User that will assist you in identifying the connection to your Gifted integration. We utilized Gifted Service User and Gifted Integration, but you may select any name that suits your preference.

  7. Once you click on "next", kindly make a note of the Service User ID and Token. We will require it at a later stage.

    Please note: This token is sensitive information.

  8. Now, we'll need to grant the permissions for this Service User. Just click on the Settings -> Account -> Permission Groups:

  9. Under the permission group, click on Create Group:

  10. Create a new group for the integration, and click on Select people by condition.

  11. Click on Edit and keep only the service user in the Add Specific Employees section:

  12. Hit Apply x2 and save x2.

  13. Once you have created the service user group, click on it and go to the People's Data:

  14. Click on Edit Permissions and make sure that the following permissions are enabled:

    People -> Address

    People -> Personal

    People -> Home

    Lifecycle -> View Selected employees' Lifecycle sections

  15. Open the Hibob's integration page, fill out the Company Name and Service User ID, and paste the Access Token from stage number 7:

15. Click on Sync with Hibob.

That's all! We'll connect your Hibob account within 48-72 hours.

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