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Campaigns - FAQ
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You might have noticed some changes on your gifted account. That's why we created this helpful article to answer many of your Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email at [email protected].

Where is my Automated Birthday Program?

We transitioned all automated programs to the "Campaigns" tab.

One campaign lets you control all automated birthday programs worldwide.

Where is my Automated Work Anniversary Program?

We transitioned all automated programs to the "Campaigns" tab.

One campaign lets you control all automated Work Anniversary programs worldwide.

We used to send gifts from the Dashboard, Where are they?

Your automated programs such as Birthdays and Work Anniversaries will now be found under the "Campaigns" tab.

The rest of your activities will be under the "Send a Gift" tab.

Where is the information about my employees?

All of your employees will appear under the "People" tab.

If you're adding or removing an employee from the "People" tab, it'll remove him automatically from the Campaigns.

How can I add or remove employees from my platform?

You can add, remove or edit employees from the "People" tab.

Our Gifted platform is integrated with our HR platform. Where can I find the information about our employees?

You will find your employees listed under the "People" tab. All changes and updates to your People tab will be made through your HR platform and reflect on Gifted the next day.

How are Campaigns different from my original automated programs?

With the new Birthday Campaigns, you can design a full suite of gifts for every employee in every country. You can even create and customize each gift based on country, with each recipient receiving their unique local brands.

With our Interval Work Anniversary Campaigns, creating different gift values based on tenure with the company is easier than ever. You can also schedule a gift to automatically send out a welcome package after each new hire's first week. We can set up a complete work anniversary program for you in just a few minutes.

How can I design my own Campaign?

With the Select a Template Campaign, you can choose from a selection of suggested templates for holidays, special events, or any other occasion throughout the year. The Upcoming Gifts section includes major Holidays that repeat on or around the same day each year, while Suggested Gifting offers you a suggestion for customizable repeatable events.

Want to start from scratch and build a campaign from the ground up? With the Create My Own Campaign you can design a beautiful, completely customizable, and fully automated gift for any occasion throughout the year. Choose the frequency at which the gift will repeat, select the image and greeting for your recipients, and schedule when the gifts will be sent in just a few minutes!

Can recipients divide their gift value between multiple brands?

By using the Campaigns, your employees can divide their gift among any number of brands:

What happened to all of our sub-budgets?

We found that it's easier to handle one budget than multiple sub-budgets.

Therefore, we merged all of the sub-budgets into one General Budget.

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